Protecting Our Constitutional Rights and
Rescuing Abused Women and Children is...WHAT WE DO!!!

We are Citizens and Bikers For a Brighter Future. Our purpose when called upon is to rescue any woman or child who is undergoing emotional, psychological, physical, and God forbid..sexual abuse. We will do whatever is necessary to protect, house, feed, relocate and more to ensure the torment they are living in comes to an end! To perform this mission,   it has to be understood we were asked to perform this service. At no time will we go into anyone's property without being asked to be there! Before we embark on a mission, the President or myself..the Vice President of Citizens and Bikers For A Brighter Future will call requesting a support role, and nothing more. All we ask is that you trust and have faith that we are doing the right, just, and necessary endeavor for those persons for which we have been called to rescue! We have chapters located all over the United States and Canada. This allows us to be available to help when called upon. 



 What a rescues feels like! Written by Bob Henderson Sr. International President and Founder of Citizens and Bikers For A Brighter Future CABFABF First you receive a call or notice that 1 or more people are being abused. You do a safety check to see if it is a fact or fiction, then you reach out to all the members of that state and ask for assistance.,  Let the safe house or motel know that you are planning to bring the victims to stay for a while. Let the city or county authority  know that you will be there to rescue and relocate typically women and children out of an abusive environment. We have been called in to help the victims. This announcement to the police or sheriffs department is so they don't roll up on us  and to make more problems that can be avoided !  and that they Do Not shoot us or those that we are helping with the rescue! Know that we have to act fast! Then you head to the abused address, you say a prayer to God, praying 🙏 that the abused are still alive, and that you and the ones that are helping do the rescue do not end up getting shot before you reach the door,  and that you don't have to shoot anyone either. If all goes well and you can get the abused out of harm's way! Once you have achieved your objective, take them to either the safe house or the motel. Make sure you have someone that can sit and watch and make sure you haven't been followed. Once the victims are safe and in a safe place you're done with that part of the rescue. the rest is where another agency may step in to help. Doing what we can together to get them into a living situation that they can stay at and thrive. We are now coming up on 200 rescues this year alone. We've all been lucky and I thank all of you that have helped for the past and those of you that are going to help in the future thank you! God Bless!

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We can also be reached on Facebook: Citizens And Bikers For A Brighter Future. Just choose the state closest to you!