1.1  The Name of this group is (Citizens And Bikers For A Brighter Future) CABFABF. 


1.2  The purpose of CABFABF is to promote a good, clean and safe group dedicated to helping those who have been abused. We emphasize safe riding activities and encourage the fight for our freedoms within our constitutional rights as Americans. 



2.1  As members of CABFABF we believe in total freedom. We do not believe in club dictatorship, powerplays, or divided politics. We are not territorial; therefore we will not wear rockers on our backs. We respect all clubs and cultivate good relationships wherever we go, both nationally and locally.


2.2  Applications for membership. Members shall submit a form approved by CABFABF. Applications are posted on the website. ( All applications must first be sent to the national chapter, then will be sent to the chapter president. 


2.3  Categories of membership:



After a membership is filled out and submitted to the national chapter for review, it will be sent to the member’s chapter president to proceed. Once an application has been accepted, a period of no less than three months will be stated for the chapter officers to get to know the applicant. During this time you will get to know your officers and members. At the end of your 3 month apprenticeship, you will be voted on by officers of the chapter where a ⅔ affirmative vote is required for acceptance as a member of CABFABF.



All active members must be at least 18 years of age; and willing to do the work that it takes. All members that sign up for rescues must have a street legal motorcycle and possess a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement in the state in which they reside. 

Active members who pay dues will possess all rights of being a member of CABFABF; including the right to vote and hold office. An active member includes a member who has lost the ability to ride and any active member spouse who joins as a passenger, still remains an active member. If something happens to the driver, the spouse maintains voting rights and can hold office. 



A support member is any person who applies for a membership that does not ride. After following the apprentice membership requirements, a vote will be made by the officers, whereas a ⅔ majority vote will give membership. Support members shall have the rights and benefits of CABFABF; except the right to vote and hold office. 

2.4  Election to membership. An applicant receiving majority votes of the office, is elected to membership. 


2.5 Code of Conduct. To wear a CABFABF patch is a matter of honor and trust; it is a promise. By wearing a CABFABF patch, you are demonstrating you belong to an organization. When you wear a patch, you represent all who wear the same patch. When you display that symbol of unity, you are saying to the world that you all stand for the same concepts, passion and goals. When wearing a CABFABF patch, you must choose carefully how you represent yourself. By wearing that patch, your words and actions not only reflect the club but those whose patch you are loyal to. That in mind, remember that your brothers and sister’s reputation is also on the line when you wear that patch. Do wear that patch proudly, with respect, integrity and with honor. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in an honorary manner; and shall refrain from any deed or action that might tend to degrade the reputation of CABFABF. They shall at all times exhibit a willingness to work and participate in the affairs of CABFABF. 


2.6  Suspension. Memberships in CABFABF may be suspended by the chapter president. Reasons for suspension: (a) If the member is in arrears in CABFABF dues for 6+ months. (b) violation of the code of conduct, whereas a vote of ⅔ of the votes will determine the suspension. A member shall not be allowed to wear any CABFABF patches and/or apparel while under suspension. The national president/state director may ultimately suspend if there is a situation that arises with the chapter president. 


2.7 Termination. Membership in CABFABF shall automatically terminate when a member ceases to be in good standing with CABFAB. They may be terminated: (a) at the request of the member of the written, tried and justified complaint. (b) For a violation of code of conduct (c) non-payment of dues, a vote by officers with a ⅔ agreement will determine the determination. Upon termination all CABFABF property must be returned including all patches, etc. 



3.1  Monthly. A monthly meeting shall be held each month at a location voted on by each chapter member, unless otherwise authorized by the national president. 

3.2  Annual. The last regular meeting of the year is also the annual meeting. Each state board of directors shall have a minimum of 1 meeting per physical year; and may have more with proper notice. 

3.3  Special. A special meeting may be called at any time by the national or chapter president. 

3.4  Quorum. Quorum consists of voting members as president. One of whom must be the president or vice president. 

3.5  Attendance requirement. A minimum of 3 meetings and 3 rides annually attending events and activities of CABFABF is required; if so directed by the president. 

3.6  Voting. Each voting member of CABFABF must be in attendance to exercise their vote. Voting on all matters shall be done by secret ballot unless otherwise moved and passed by ⅔ vote of voting members present. All voting members must vote on each motion. A member may ask and be granted permission to abstain from a ballot. 



4.1 Officers. The officers shall be as follows:

 (A) national level shall be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership director, webmaster, administrative director, road captain and tail gunner. The web master and administrative director may also hold a position of secretary or treasurer; and may also hold a position in their local chapter. 

(b) state officers for the state level shall be directors, assistant directors, state ride coordinator, public relations officer, web master and safety coordinator, and may also hold positions in their local chapters. 

(c)Chapter officers shall be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership director, webmaster, administrative director, road captain and tail gunner. Vice president, safety and membership positions will be appointed by the president/director. A 1 year period will pertain to chapter officers, road captains, tail gunners, safety officers, secretaries and treasurers. 

National president will have the option of stepping down if he feels he is no longer effective in that position. If the national president steps down, the office will be filled by the national vice president. He/She will continue the position until the annual October voting. At that time, the position will be voted on by national officers. The national president will not be voted out of his position. National officers' positions will be up for review at the end of 1 year. This does not mean there will be a vote to terminate the position. 


4.2  Election. The chapter officers shall be elected for the ensuing year by the majority vote of the voting membership present and voting at the regular meeting held in October. A list of the elected officers is to be presented to the national secretary by October 31st, annually. 


4.3  Installation. All elected officers will assume their elected duties at the beginning of the regular January meeting. 


4.4  Duties. 



National Officers. 

President. The national president will oversee the operations of CABFABF. The national president shall appoint each state director and the state director will appoint the assistant director. He/she shall hold the tie breaker vote on all issues concerning national business. 

Vice President. Shall execute all orders of the president and in his or her absence execute the duties of the president. 

Membership director. Shall be responsible to maintain the CABFABF membership roster. Shall receive, record and update the membership as needed. Chapter President or membership director will contact the state director. The state director will then contact the national membership director with any roster changes. 

Administrative Director. Shall be responsible for providing support to new and current chapter president who are in the process of building and recruiting for their CABFABF chapter. 

Road Captain. Shall be in charge of leading rides at the national level and give advice to new chapter road captains to ensure their success. 

Tail Gunner. Shall keep the back of the pack safe and communicate with the road captain on all rides and give advice to the chapter’s tail gunner to ensure their success.

Webmaster. Shall update and maintain the national website. Shall contact the chapter presidents for information for the site. Gather information for the national news letter and oversee chapter and state websites.

Secretary. Shall take minutes of the meetings received and process all reports from the chapters and assist the treasurer. 

Treasurer. Shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expenditures made at each meeting shall provide a report of all funds received and expended during the preceding period. The report shall be filed with the secretary.




State officers. 

  Director. Shall oversee the operations of CABFABF as it pertains to their state. Shall be responsible to appoint a chapter president of a new chapter when a new chapter is opened. Shall hold the tiebreaker vote on all issues concerning state business, shall collect, verify, tally and report to the national president. The vote of the board of directors and their state on voting/election on a national level. The state director is in charge of the state board of directors. 

Assistant Director. Shall execute all orders of the state director in his or her absence. Perform the duties of the state director.

Ride Coordinator. Shall be responsible for scheduling quarterly state rides and will conduct them to include all chapters in the state. All state rides must be scheduled 3 months before the ride occurs. Also shall supply all pertinent information needed to coordinate the ride such as routes, events, costs and lodging, shall be responsible to maintain the state ride calender on the CABFAB main webpage. This is to include new events, updates, and all changes in events and rides. Only the National webmaster may post events and rides with the national calendar. 

Public Relations Officer. Shall be responsible to maintain the CABFABF image with the public and contact the media and newspaper when necessary. Shall also be responsible for getting photos and videos to the state webmaster for their website. 

Webmaster. Shall update and maintain their state website and social media pages.

Safety Coordinator. Shall share safety information with the chapter's safety officers. He/she will design, implement and audit the chapter's safety plan. 

Board of Directors. Shall consist of the state chapter president. Each chapter president will hold one vote at state board meetings. 




Chapter Officers. 

President. Shall be responsible for the business of that chapter and shall facilitate the scheduling of monthly chapter rides and events/rescues. 

Vice President. Shall execute all orders of the president in his/her absence, perform the duty of the president. 

Road Captain. Shall be in charge of leading rides and give advice to ensure their success. 

Tail Gunner. Shall ride at the back of the pack to help ensure the riders safety. He/she shall communicate with the road captain on all rides and may give advice.

Secretary. Shall take minutes of the meetings and assist the treasurer and report to the national secretary. 

Treasurer. Shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expenditures made at each meeting shall provide a report of all funds received and expended during the preceding period. The report shall be filed with the secretary. 


ARTICLE 5 - Committees and Duties

Special Committees.

The president shall appoint such special committees as he deems advisable and assign their duties. 


ARTICLE 6 - Physical Year

6.1 Physical Year. CABFABF shall operate on a calendar year basis and it must arrange its books and account an annual report to conform to the calendar year. 


6.2  Budget. CABFABF shall adopt an annual operating budget. The adoption of the budget constitutes the funds for the purpose of the budget. Funds cannot be transferred from one account to the other except by amendment to the budget. There can be no expenditures of the funds except as authorized by the budget. The budget may be amended by affirmative vote of the members at any regular annual meeting, or at a special meeting; called for such purpose with notification to all members. 


6.3  Financial reporting requirements. Each chapter must annually complete a report of financials and file with the national secretary before the first day of February following the end of the previous calendar year. 


6.4  Dues. The annual CABFABF dues shall be $60 per year. Cost of tax is not included and is the responsibility of the members of the chapters. Any changes in fees/dues will be voted on at the national annual meeting. $15 per member per year goes to the national chapter and the remaining $45 stays in the member’s chapter. The option to pay yearly or monthly is available to specify on the membership application.


6.5  Non-payment of dues. Any members whose dues are in arrears for 6+ months shall be suspended from membership; provided he/she has been given proper notice. 



7.1  Procedures. A proposal to amend these bylaws must be sent to each member with proper notification of the meeting, at which action will be taken. Amendment requires a ⅔ affirming vote of the voting members present and voting. If the proposal has such an affirmative vote, it is then sent to the national chapter. If there is approval of the proposal, it is adopted and then comes into effect which shall be specified in the proposal. Bylaws can be amended no more than twice per physical year. 


7.2  CABFABF Disclaimer: Each member participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of CABFABF as an organization for any and all liabilities. Resulting in participation and in rescues and any other club related events and activities. All activities, rescues and events must comply with any state and local laws/ordinances.  Any personal injuries or property damage resulting during a club rescue or activity at any time becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved. At no time shall CABFABF be held liable. 


7.3  Complaints about any officer by any member may be presented in writing to the state director for your state. The CABFABF state officers will review violations of the guidelines. The accused will be afforded the right to address the club state officers before a decision is made. An offending officer may be removed from his or her position or expelled from CABFABF via a ⅔ affirmative vote from the directors. The CABFABF national board of directors reserves the right to accept or reject members and to periodically, without notice, revise or amend guidelines where regulations are necessary. 



Bob Henderson, National President.